About Us – Who are We?

About Lytzen IT – we are a well-established and nationwide network and infrastructure company with branches in Hjorring, Aalborg & Taastrup. Our certified specialists have many years of experience and are experts in the field ofCloud, WAN-og LAN, Infrastructure as a Service, Hosting, Network, IT-security, Collaboration, Video, Virtualisering, Data Center,Support and Counseling


Where did we begin?

1970: Erik Lytzen A/S was the company’s parent company and was founded in 1970 by Erik Lytzen with address at Østergade 41, 9800 Hjørring. 2001: In 2001, Erik Lytzen A/S was split into two new companies, respectively: Erik Lytzen A/S and Lytzen Tele-Data A/S (the current Lytzen IT). At the same time, a generational change was started the same year.  2008: In 2008, the generational change was completed and the current management took over all shares in Lytzen IT A/S, which now has approx. 70 employees. 2016: In 2016, Lytzen IT A/S expands its business by acquiring Nordjyskes Service Desk, Hosting Center and Infrateam. 2017: Lytzen IT A/S expands again with the acquisition of Mediability.

Welcome to Lytzen IT

We are a well-established and nationwide network and infrastructure company with branches in Hjørring, Aalborg & Tåstrup. Our certified specialists have many years of experience and are experts in Cloud, WAN and LAN, Infrastructure as a Service, Hosting, Networking, IT Security, Collaboration, Video, Virtualization, Datacenter, Consulting, Support and Disaster Recovery.

We have the expertise, frame of reference and technology to ensure that our customers always have access to high-tech, reliable and intelligent end-to-end solutions that both streamline and improve workflow and provide a competitive advantage. Because we have a value-adding approach where solutions are developed based on in-depth knowledge of “Best Practice” and the ability to understand our customers’ business platform, we are among the country’s preferred service provider of infrastructure solutions for both public and private customers.
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Our mission is, first and foremost, to offer core competencies focusing on modern companies’ infrastructure, networking, hosted, security and IP communication solutions and services, while also ensuring that our customers always have access to high-tech and innovative solutions, which both streamlines and improves the workflow while giving our customers a competitive advantage.

Om os About Vision


We don’t just want to be a supplier. We will work to become our customers’ preferred choice of partner in IT solutions and IP communication. To achieve that goal, we will work purposefully with;

  • effective project management to keep what we promise
  • highly qualified employees offering the best solution
  • a good working environment for the benefit of customers and colleagues
  • controlled growth
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It is Lytzen IT A/S’s goal to exceed customer needs:

  • It’s all about the customer’s business
  • We must be present and available
  • Only the best is good enough
  • Development is the way forward

We pride ourselves on being characterized by:

  • honesty
  • great flexibility in regard to customer wishes
  • uniform and safe quality
  • great competency in the firm’s business areas

About JM Lytzen Alarm 

Lytzen IT og Alarm – vi deler sammen historie!

Vores historie rækker 50 år tilbage og vi var oprindelig en del af  Erik Lytzen A/S indtil at firmaet blev spaltet i to nye firmaer i 2001. Fra 2001 og frem til i dag, har Lytzen Alarm været en stolt del af Lytzen Tele-Data, det nuværende Lytzen IT.

De første mange år af Alarms historie var installationsopgaverne mest baseret på tyverialarmløsninger. De senere år er det især installation af videoløsninger, der har været et fokusområde.

Vi har endvidere kompetencer indenfor etablering af fibernetværk samt PDS installationer.