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Developments in society enforce an increasing need for security. More and more businesses and individuals choose to guard against theft, untimely intrusion, destruction and misuse of confidential information. From time to time you should, in cooperation with a security consultant, review your security so that it suits your current needs. Security places great demands on knowledge of the complex technology and applicable insurance regulations.

GE Security has developed a system that integrates access control and alarm systems in one and the same card. It can be used from one door and up to 64,512 doors – all with an integrated alarm system. The possibility of Remote Access is due to the use of magnetic stripe cards as contactless pieces. The system can communicate over the network using the ATS 1806 TCP / IP module, which has been approved for the transmission of alarms via network / ADSL. This allows, for example, the ability to turn on / off via software as well as to put more ATS units on the same network. ATS is designed in such a way that you only need one central to all security tasks regardless of the installation scope. The system is approved in the highest security class in Insurance.

Beat the Burglar



Keep track of who has access to your business, company or dwelling with a unique, user-friendly and flexible control system, which is produced in the highest quality.


Video Surveillance

CCTV is one of the most effective tools when your business, company or housing must be ensured. We have a wide range of products and solutions that can be adapted and scaled as needed.


Burglar Alarms

Our burglar alarms can be scaled as needed – from one simple wireless alarm control to a whole large and integrated solution that combines an anti-theft alarm, access control and CCTV in one single solution.


Fire alarms

We offer a variety of different fire alarms, which can adapt to different types of businesses, situations, and private housing. We only use approved smoke and fire alarms of the highest quality.


Technical Alarms

Avoid costly malfunctions with a technical alarm which monitors the technical installations such as pumps, flow, temperature, water, cold storage, fridge / freezer, etc.



At Lytzen IT, we offer a wide range of security benefits and alerts and our personnel stand ready 24/7 to move in quickly if an accident occurs.


At Lytzen IT, we offer only the highest quality products

Including smart features, advanced applications, unlimited options and much more.