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Are you looking for new challenges that will have an impact on your career?

We are among the leaders in our industry with an annual growth of over 25% and we expect our current and future colleagues to take us even further – we know full well that our strength is in our skilled employees. We have a careful approach to our recruitment process and hire only the best. This ensures that our company can continue to grow and stay abreast of the latest technologies – it also ensures that our new colleagues quickly and easily find a foothold in our corporate culture.

Our team of experts

Would you like to work with our team of experts? If you are committed, motivated and competent, we can offer you an exciting work environment with industry-leading colleagues. We know that the professional skills are vital with each and every colleague. Therefore, we offer a work environment where we can safely rely on each other, and it provides a healthy respect among colleagues both professionally and personally.


We expect that you are just as competent as your future colleagues, or at least well on the way to becoming so – and we would prefer that you have experience from similar positions. At the same time, we expect you to have both the ability to solve tasks independently and as part of a teamwork. We would like to see you be driven and engaged in everything you do, while providing service to our customers at the same high level to match your professional pride. We also expect that you have the will, the motivation and courage to be at the forefront.

We offer the chance to become part of a young and dynamic team where there is room for individuality. Furthermore, we offer an energetic and informal atmosphere with the industry’s best colleagues. For the right candidate, there is a job where there is ample opportunity for personal development through coaching and personal education as well as great influence on job content. Here you will get plenty of challenges, demanding jobs and good opportunities to make a career. You get an employer that gives priority to education and professionalism and personal growth high. Overall, you get a good job at Lytzen IT

Unsolicited applications

We are always looking for new and talented colleagues who are eager to work in our industry. Therefore, we welcome unsolicited applications. You should be aware that we only make contact if there is a direct match between your job profile and our future business. At the same time, we encourage you to regularly follow our posting of job openings. When you send us a request, please tell us who you are, your background and your experience, and what you would like to work with. We would also like to know why you want to become a part of Lytzen IT. All applications are processed confidentially.

Please send your application and CV to info@lytzenit.dk

Skills development & training

With us, skills among our employees are a top priority. We believe that an inclusive workplace is fundamental to running a good business and it starts with our employees. Once a year we have a chat with each co-worker. Here we go in depth with each person’s wishes in terms of professionalism, personal development and overall well-being. That is after all the most important.

We are continuously working to put together the right offer for each employee. Since we believe that the quality of each employee’s work must always be in focus, it makes sense that we make an active effort to ensure that these qualities be developed, expanded and challenged both professionally and personally through training and teambuilding. This we have chosen to do, by making a lot of basic services available to the individual, while remaining sympathetic to each employee’s wish for more and other skills. Therefore, there is ample opportunity for you to further develop your professional skills in the direction of your choosing. This applies to all personnel groups.



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  • We are always looking for new and talented colleagues who are eager to work in our industry.Therefore, we accept unsolicited applications.

  • Please send your unsolicited application and CV to info@lytzenit.dk


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