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Cisco Cloud Portfolio

Lytzen IT’s Cloud

Lytzen IT offers Cloud products out of their own cloud or public cloud from either Cisco or Microsoft.

The common denominator is Lytzen IT’s own MPLS network, built by Cisco Best Practice, located in Aalborg and Copenhagen, and with access to all the major fiber suppliers in Denmark and TDC DSL. The products are all Cisco’s Collaboration portfolio, a large part of Cisco’s security portfolio. ASA, Sourcefire, IronPort and opportunity ThreadGrid, protect against Ransomware via Sandboxing. There is also the opportunity to use our data center to remotely backup and store, providing the best option for backup and a lightning quick restoration if an accident should occur. If you choose to source the company’s internet through Lytzen IT’s cloud, we have also the opportunity to protect against DDOS attacks with Arbor and Arbor Cloud.

When you select Lytzen IT’s Cloud you know where your data is, how to get to it and how to get there again.

Future choices: Private, Hosted- and / or Hybrid Cloud’s

Combine control, security and performance of the private cloud with the flexibility, economy and speed the public cloud offers.


Private Cloud

Private Cloud offers an ideal way to solve some of your organization’s largest business and technological challenges. A private cloud can deliver IT as a service. This helps to reduce costs, increase efficiency and stimulate innovation to make your business more flexible and effective, while operations and infrastructure are simplified.

With our Cisco Cloud portfolio you can build complete hybrid and / or private cloud solutions while retaining visibility and control over your IT environment. Cisco’s market share UCS Integrated Infrastructure provides a tested aesthetic platform designed for very efficient and automated cloud implementations. Read more here…


Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud refers to a cloud computing environment that uses a combination of on-premises-, private- and public cloud services orchestrated between plat-forms. By allowing the workload moves between private and public cloud as the costs and needs change, gives the hybrid cloud companies greater flexibility and support for various data deployment options.

The hybrid cloud’s flexibility and scalability eliminate acids necessary to make massive capital investments to accommodate a short-term demand – cut down on IT investments, pay only for the resources that your company uses, maintain full control and security, and expand your existing data center. Read more here…


Hosted Cloud

In the past, a company’s server located locally on the company itself, but with a Hosted solution the server is located with the supplier. This means, among other things, that you do not have to invest in expensive IT equipment, maintenance, backup, emergency, security measures and updates.

When choosing cloud and hosted solutions, it is about choosing the solution or solutions that fit your company and provides the best possible competitive advantages. Lytzen IT offers solutions in the form of; Backup, Storage, Network Monitoring, Unified Communication, Mail and Web Scanning and Security. These solutions are available both individually and collectively. Read more here…


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