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You want your business to grow – be profitable – and remain competitive. A robust network is key to your success. Cisco has been a leader in networking for more than three decades. Cisco’s portfolio delivers the reliability, scalability, and secure IT infrastructure that your business needs. From data centers to collaboration, from mobility to security, on-premises or in the cloud, Cisco’s hardware and software solutions are based on proven, industry-leading standards. 

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Impressive features & Revolutionary solutions

Discover the value of being able to connect the right people with the right information, through the right medium, by using Cisco Unified Collaboration. Cisco is the only vendor with a platform covering the network end-2-end, with the status of market leader in network and communications solutions, for both public and private corporate clients.

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We offer, in collaboration with Cisco, one of the most comprehensive portfolios in communication and cooperation solutions in the industry. Cisco is the market leader in almost all categories and brings network-based, integrated working solutions, based on open standards, together. These solutions include IP communications, mobility, customer care, videoconferencing, InstantMessaging and social soft-ware for companies and interactive TelePresence experiences.   Read more here…

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Cisco TelePresence is the market’s easiest and most dynamic means by which dispersed teams can collaborate. Tele-Presence uses the standard IP technology used in businesses today, running on an integrated voice, video and data network. Therefore, it is possible to think farther than the boardroom. Now your company will transform business processes, reduce costs, improve working life, increase competitive advantage and get more personal interaction!   Read more here…

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Cloud Service

The explosion of cloud-based consumer- and business-applications has given users more choices than ever before.  Cisco cloud collaboration solutions offer a range of collaboration tools and services that can be deployed in various models. They have been developed to provide an optimized experience for end users while accommodating the operational needs of the company. This may include: Cisco WebEx, Sparks, Expressway, Communications Manager, Jabber, etc.  Read more here…


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In light of the increasing need to be able to communicate and collaborate, companies are beginning to integrate a productive solution that allows users to communicate from a random desktop by using a random phone or computer while being cost effective, reliable and secure. The solution is Cisco Unified Communications Manager, a software based PBX that manages and monitors messages, mail, and voice and video conversations by collecting all applications in one system. Read more here…

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Companies use the contact center to manage and distribute customers’ many requests, so that they may be connected directly to the right employees. Requests can be expressed in the form of phone calls, letters, e-mails, fax or web forms, but also SMS, IM / chat, video calling and social me-values etc. – expanding the way in which customer relations are handled. Thus, the contact center’s primary function is to distribute customer inquiries in a way that ensures that all inquiries are answered quickly and correctly, via the most appropriate resource. Read more here…

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Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber is a software program that makes it possible to work with anyone, anywhere and anytime. With Jabber we can communicate through and with any device. It is possible to hold video conferencing in high quality, call, chat, view the availability status among contacts, integrate your corporate directory and search for colleagues with specific skills. In addition, both managers and employees can share presentations, documents and other data, making it possible to strengthen cooperation and decision-making processes.  Read more here…

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Unified Communication

Simply provide UC to connect people, information, and teams by integrating real-time services such as InstantMessaging (IM / chat), presence information, tele-telephony, IP telephony, audio and video conferencing, data sharing, call control and speech recognition, with real-time services such as voice mail, e-mail, SMS and fax. With these office tools, it is possible to increase flexibility among employees and improve interaction with partners, customers and suppliers. Read more here…

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Allows employees, customers and partners to cooperate regardless of place, with scalable sharing of voice, video and contents. Cisco WebEx solutions can be delivered via the cloud, locally or via a hybrid solution, and allows people to collaborate more securely from mobile devices, pc’s, or meeting rooms with scheduled or unscheduled meetings. Enjoy affordable consumer models to promote the introduction of video, and make meetings simpler with uniform user interfaces and functions. Read more here…

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Mobility Løsninger

Mobility is the future – mobilize your organization with Enterprise mobility and wireless solutions from Cisco. Help your employees to work more productively and effectively no matter where they are, with a mobile workplace. Cisco stores these solutions in the cloud, so you do not have to spend time on installation, configuration, and administration. In conjunction with Cisco, we can guide you through the implementation and optimization of hosted and managed mobility solutions from Cisco. Read more here…

Overview of the most important features – But do not worry, there are many more

  • Custom options

  • Low latency architecture and low bandwidth

  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

  • High definition (HD)

  • Skill-based routing, based on competencies

  • Call forwarding, access to multiple lines, between-call switching, and audio conferencing services

  • Easy to get started and scalable as needed

  • Share presentations, documents, data and more

  • Advanced routing based on time and availability

  • Real-time statistics

  • Historical statistics

  • Reduced travel and administrative costs

  • Voice dialing, IM, chat, telephone and/or video conferencing

  • Easily accessible interface

  • Possible to integrate both internal and external application

  • PC switchboard with MS Exchange integration

  • Supports operating systems based on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac / IOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian

  • Queue monitoring

  • High safety and fully encrypted communication

  • Expanded memory

  • Simple administration

  • Very low start-up costs

  • Optimized operation and reduced network costs

  • Quick access to expertise and information

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There’s more: Total solutions that optimize, streamline and simplify your business communications 

No limitations: Bring Your Own Device!

Allowing your employees use their own devices, tablets, smartphones and even computers to access corporate data and applications can increase their productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

Cisco BYOD Smart Solution provides a comprehensive approach to effectively designing, managing and controlling the access of a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) network. Cisco BYOD enhances the user experience, employee satisfaction and productivity of your business.

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Smarter, simpler and cheaper

Unified Communication (UC) means short, unified communications and includes both voice, data and video products and applications. UC is an open and scalable platform for real-time communications based on desktop tools, availability indicators, mobile integration and intelligence in the network. This makes it possible to streamline and improve the communications and productivity of any business.

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