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Contact Lytzen It today – Information is the key to good decisions and we want to help you in the best possible way.

If you or your company needs help, Lytzen IT’s Customer Center is always ready to help you or your company. If you want to be contacted by one of our consultants, write to us. We have gathered all relevant information from our various departments on this page.

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Contact Our Support

New tickets shall be sent to: support@lytzenit.dk
Ongoing and/or updating tickets created in the service system shall always include Ticket ID in the mail. (Ticket ID consists of “LytzenIT #1234567”).
You can access tickets through our help desk (OTRS) here
If you want to access services via the LINDA portal, click here
Lytzen IT Customer Monitoring: If you have a network monitoring subscription, you can log in here

Service Desk

Please contact Lytzen IT to day – if you need support for our services.

Phone: 88 32 87 88

Mail: info@lytzenit.dk

Contact mail


Contact Lytzen IT to day – if you need support for our services by mail:

Network, telephone, and security, etc.  Mail: support@lytzenit.dk

Alarm & Access Control, etc. Mail: alarm@lytzenit.dk



If you have any questions regarding bank statements, reminders, interest rates, invoices or similar, please contact us at:

Invoices:  faktura@lytzenit.dk

Account Statements: bogholderi@lytzenit.dk

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This program will only be installed temporarily. When you exit the program, our supporter will no longer see your screen. You can download the module here. Remember to provide your ID and password.