Data Center – IT As-A-Service

Data Center – the architecture of today’s data center must support a mobile workforce. At Lytzen IT, we offer a holistic approach to the design, operation and delivery of IT services. This approach makes it easier for the IT-department of your company to integrate with existing technology, to respond more quickly to business requirements, to reduce capital investments-and operating costs, and to simplify IT operations.

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 Data CenterGet Fast Results With Thought-out Solutions

Data Center – deploy business applications, data analytics, desktop virtualization and cloud solutions faster with proven data center solutions. Experience superior scalability, simplified management, and streamlined operation. Increase your flexibility and interoperability with an open standards programmable infrastructure.

Do all this with less risk and lower costs. Our portfolio of Cisco UCS integrated infrastructure and service solutions delivers consistent, highly assured, and reliable results.

Datacenter data center

Servers – Unified Computing

Applications run today’s business and to achieve optimal app performance, a modern, end-to-end infrastructure is required. Cisco’s UCS has done just that by streamlining data center resources, scaling service delivery, increasing security and availability, and reducing the number of physical servers and devices that require setup. This unique architecture enables end-to-end server visibility, administration and control in both traditional and virtual environments.

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Network Manager

Get comprehensive data center management with complete automation, comprehensive visibility and consistent operations.

The Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) is a network management platform for all NX-OS enabled deployments spanning new Fabric architectures, IP Fabric for Media, and storage network installations for the Cisco Nexus-powered data center.

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Cisco ACI for the Datacenter

An industry-leading SDN solution that enables data center automation. To keep up with the huge influx of data and increased demands on the network, it is necessary to learn how to connect, build and manage not only in the data center but in a large multi-cloud landscape.

Cisco ACI is a great step forward in managing complexity, maximizing business benefits and implementing workload in any location and cloud.

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Data Center – HyperFlex

HyperFlex combines computers, networks and storage into one easy-to-manage system that delivers consistently high performance to operate any application, anywhere. Cisco HyperFlex extends the simplicity of core-to-edge and multicloud hyperconvergence and puts IT at the heart of rapid innovation in a world where data is everywhere. With simplified scalability and manageability, HyperFlex offers Cloud-like agility and pay-as-you-grow economics for on-prem, virtualized environments.

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Data Center Intersight

Manage your infrastructure anywhere with Cisco Intersight software as a Service. The Cisco Intersight solution delivers a new era of computing for Cisco UCS and Cisco HyperFlex systems.

This adaptive, cloud-powered management platform allows you to be anywhere and shop anywhere. It delivers pervasive simplicity on a global scale with connected technical support. It is an open platform that can also be integrated with third-party tools.

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Multicloud Integration

Optimized for on-prem, multiple clouds and applications. Use Cisco Cloud Center (formerly CliQr) to more securely deploy and manage applications across multiple data centers, private clouds, and public cloud environments.

This software solution helps you modernize and automate your data center or add public cloud application. Keep things simple and make your multi-cloud environment work as one.

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Disaster Recovery

Minimize the impact of software or hardware failures, power outages, and facility damage and ensure your operation continuously. NetApp® disaster recovery solutions are built on the Data ONTAP® operating system, which helps maintain and restore accessibility across a wide range of recovery points, in the event of a system, site, or regional crash.

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Data Center Backup

NetApp® Snapshot and replication technology handles backup and recovery on premises or in the cloud. By choosing backup and recovery solutions to protect your most important data, you can ensure operational efficiency, reduce backup time, improve data recovery, reduce administrative costs, simplify virtualization and data management, reduce network traffic and reduce disk capacity requirements by up to 90%.

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Cisco Secure Data Center

Virtualization, cloud and software-defined networking (SDN) are changing the scope and function of modern data centers. Workloads are dynamic and constantly moving across multi-cloud and physical data centers. Therefore, modern data centers need a new approach to security. Be proactive in protecting your data center with full visibility, multi-layer segmentation and threat protection.

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Datacenter DATA CENTER


An all-in-one monitoring solution. Transform your applications and business with real-time monitoring from a leader in the APM market.

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Datacenter data center

Workload Manager

Cisco’s Workload Optimization Manager is intelligent software that ensures application performance by providing workloads with the resources they need when they need them. 

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Datacenter data center


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are new technologies that will transform companies faster than ever before. But what do you need to implement these?

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Datacenter data center

Hyperconvergence – Database

With a solution that is quick to implement, simple to manage and easy to scale, you can easily match your database and application needs. 

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