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Microsoft Teams is a collaborative application that brings everything together in one place and lets your teams stay organized. In this tutorial you will learn how to use it.


Microsoft Teams Meetings

Microsoft Team Meetings

How to have effective Online Meetings with Microsoft Teams. You have the ability to share content, invite internal and external participants, adjust settings, and review previous notes before a meeting. During the meeting itself, you have the opportunity to listen, participate, record and share content with the other participants. After the meeting, you can review your recording, make follow-ups and review all shared content. Now that is smart right?

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Microsoft Teams – Endless Opportunities

One of the things that teams generally spend the most time on is searching for content, applications, tools, past correspondence, and contracts whenever they need to meet. What if everyone on your team could find all the content in one place and access the most important information right away! With Office 365 and Microsoft Teams you get access to SharePoint, OneNote and Planner, among others, so everyone on the team can find exactly the information they need in an instant.

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Microsoft Teams Webex

Microsoft Teams & Cisco WebEx Working Together

Many customers demand time and time again, flexibility and free choice of tools from the tools they already using. One of the ways to support their choices is by ensuring that our Cisco WebEx portfolio works with the third-party tools that our customers may already be using. Cisco WebEx works not only across Cisco’s own hardware and software, but also with third-party solutions such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace by Facebook and more

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Microsoft Teams Hub

Microsoft O365 HUB

Invite everyone you work with to chat, meet, call and collaborate all in one place, no matter where you are.

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Microsoft Teams O365

Introduction to O365

Productivity across work and private life. Available for private use, business and for large companies.

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Four Tips

Smart teamwork tools: Here you get 4 tips to identify what works for you.

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Microsoft teams mail

Mail & Calender

Keep track of your email, your meetings and stay connected no matter where you are and what device you use.

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