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For webinars eligible for a free access point, IT professionals can receive a FREE full-time Cisco Meraki MR access point with a 3-year Cloud Handling license. You can, for example, get an introduction to Meraki Cloud Managed IT, Cloud Managed Wireless, Cloud-Based Endpoint Management, Stress Free Switching, IT Checklist, Security etc.

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Connect all your offices to each other and to the cloud seamlessly and securely. Cisco routing provides intention-based networking for WAN, LAN and cloud. Their network routers include advanced analytics, application optimization, automated delivery, and integrated security to deliver a complete, proven solution. Read more here…
Cisco’s switches are constantly learning, adapting constantly and protecting. Build a foundation for exceptional results in your data center. This is the new era in intention-based networking and these switches ensure broad implementation capabilities, an intent-based network design as well as integrated security throughout. Read more here…

Wireless and Mobility

Do you know what you need compared to Wi-Fi 6? The new standard promises to revolutionize the wireless experience. It promises enhanced speed, capacity and control that support not only existing applications with greater performance and enhanced experiences, but also drive new innovations that change the way we work together. DOWNLOAD  “The Road to Wi-FI 6” 

Network control

Cisco DNA Center is a network management that provides a better way to control your network. This command center delivers and configures all your network devices in minutes. DNA uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to proactively monitor, troubleshoot and optimize your network. Read more here…
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Network Security

Get a secure connection that is built-in but not attached to the intelligent network with centralized control. The convergence of security and networking enables organizations to leverage the intelligence and visibility provided by the network to make more informed policy and threat decisions. Read more here…
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Cisco DNA software subscription for any network device

Netværk meraki Network
Simplify your SD-WAN and routing architecture to make it easier to deploy, manage and operate.  Read more here…
Netværk meraki Network
Deliver outstanding wireless performance in high-density environments. Get end-to-end visibility and guidance. Read more here…