Cisco Borderless Networks

Cisco Borderless Networks is a set of hardware and software technologies that allow everyone, anywhere, anytime and on any device to connect to an organization’s network. Cisco Borderless Networks is built on an architecture consisting of wireless systems, routers, switches, security, WAN acceleration and management systems mm. The product line was developed to meet the increasing performance requirements for – among other things – streaming video, wireless networking, cloud and virtualization services and the growing use of smartphones and other devices in the workplace.

Maintain optimal network performance, minimize costs, and Promote Growth and network agility with expert guidance and proactive support. In cooperation with Cisco, we help your company to create new revenue opportunities and save money with professional service that delivers network optimization, network programming (SDN integration) and architecture convergence and migration services.

The Network Intuitive

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Cisco IOS Software delivers IP intelligence to a Cisco® product-based network through a portfolio of value-creating technologies and features that support more protocol interfaces than any other network provider in the industry. IP routing protocols include the basics for delivery of high availability, scalability, connectivity and connection required for enterprises and service providers need to meet the demands of today’s business applications.



Cisco switching solutions play a central role in the Border-less Networks and provide a strategic advantage to networks of every size and in any industry. Technological progress across the Cisco switching portfolio amplifies user productivity, optimizes operations and increases the business value of both the network and associated resources. Scalable hardware platforms and intelligent switching services live up to the concept of anchoring Borderless Networks securely, reliably and seamlessly.



A structured and well-executed cabling system is a precondition for a future-oriented network solution.

LAN optimizer: Layer 2 and Layer 3 network with Quality of Service (QoS).

WAN optimization: Optimizing bandwidth and price / performance analysis.

Cisco – The IoE

Cisco’s new Internet of Things-friendly system that the company has spelled out for the first time, is essentially an interrelated software that will help businesses, cities and governments to set up and configure the necessary infrastructure, such as cameras, switches and routers to manage the data flowing between their connected equipment and devices.

The companies focus on: getting products to market faster, adapting them to regulatory requirements, increasing efficiency, and most importantly, continuing to be innovative. With a highly mobile workforce, customers are constantly evolving and changing demand in the supply chain – IoE can move your business forward.

Using Cisco IoE System, your company can increase pro-productivity, create new business models and generate new revenue streams.

Internet of Everythings (IoE)

The Internet of Things, sometimes also referred to as the Internet of Objects, refers to the Internet as something not only we humans use, but something our consumer products also use. Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or “things” that are embedded in electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity that can ensure that these objects collect and exchange data. All kinds of computing devices and items, such as miscellaneous electronic devices, refrigerators, traffic lights, locks, toys and washing machines with built-in sensors are attached to the large network. In other words, ordinary everyday things are using the Internet to communicate with each other.

IoT allows objects, devices, and/or things to be accessible, visible and be remotely controlled across existing network infrastructure, which allows for a more direct integration between the physical world and the computer-based systems. This results in improved efficiency and economic benefits. The uniqueness of this particular concept is that every thing, device and/or object identified through the embedded computer system also functions within the existing Internet infrastructure.

Cisco estimates that the Internet of Things will consist of 50 billion connected devices by 2020.

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According to Cisco’s network platform, everything can be connected and as can the foundation for the Internet of Everything. Meraki is the industry leader in solutions for managing cloud network and therefore Cisco chose to buy Meraki in 2012.

Cisco Meraki provides a complete cloud-based solution consisting of wireless access points, switches, next-generation firewalls, WAN optimization and MDM. Everything is centrally controlled via the Web. It is extremely easy to get started and devices connect themselves to the management portal. The solutions scale from small branch offices to large networks. Cisco Meraki’s network device portfolio is centrally managed from the cloud. This feature-rich and user-friendly cloud architecture enables enterprises to solve new problems as well as reduce operating costs.

Cisco Meraki is based on modern hardware with leading specifications, controlled from an intuitive portal – management, configuration and reporting tools all in one. The solution provides easy access to managing devices, users and applications and makes great use of automation. You will gain insight and overview, and alarms are always updated and always on.

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Cisco goes a step further and says the The Internet of Everything (IoE) must be understood to not exclusively deal with physical objects, objects and devices, but also deals with people, data and processes associated with the network.

IoE is built on connections between people, processes, data and things / objects – but it’s not about these four dimensions in isolation. Each dimension enhances the capabilities of the other three. It is through the intersection of all these elements that the true driving force of IoE is realized.

IoE change the way people and things are connected, how we collect and utilize data, and how these work together to enable intelligent processes. According to Cisco IoE will make networked services more relevant and valuable than ever before – it will transform information into actions that create new opportunities, richer experiences and unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses, individuals and countries.

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