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by | Feb 25, 2022

Advanced and invisible security secures personal data. The Capital Advisory Linde & Partners must ensure that clients’ data is kept confidential and that they comply with the EU’s GDPR regulation. That is why they have chosen a security solution through Lytzen IT. Lytzen IT is also responsible for day-to-day operations.

In the spring of 2020, the Capital Advisory Linde & Partners was to move to new premises. Hence, they chose to upgrade their IT security solution. In this regard, there were a few very important requirements that had to be met.

Capital Advisor & GDPR

”As capital advisers, we have customer information such as property condition.Thus, we are responsible to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority with regard to confidentiality and security.

At the same time, we must meet the requirements set by the EU in their GDPR.

Finally, we are not IT experts, we are capital advisers. Hence, we needed a solution that met the aforementioned requirements and was driven by people with experience from the financial world, ”explains Claus Linde, director of Linde & Partners.

capital advisory Linde & partners A/S
capital advisory Linde & Partners

Capital Advisory Linde & Partners Implements Cisco Umbrella, AMP og Talos

The choice landed on Lytzen IT, which has implemented a Cisco security solution at Linde & Partners A/S. Lytzen IT set up a VPN solution combined with two security applications: Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Amp. Both based on Cisco Talos, the world’s largest and most advanced security and intelligence organization. Here, just over 600 billion emails are received and analyzed daily. Also, Umbrella blocks 20 billion threats daily.

“It was an obvious choose to go with Cisco Umbrella and Cisco AMP. Here we are talking about a capital advisory company that has very sensitive information. Therefore, they must of course have the best security on the market, ”says Malthe Wulff Rasmussen, Account Manager at Lytzen IT.

Lytzen IT has taken on the role of adviser. They looked at how our security was, what the plans for the future are, and what requirements there are for IT security from both the EU GDPR regulation and the national requirements from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

CapCapital Advisory Linde & Partners A/S

– Security a top priority

The requirements for Lytzen IT were relatively clear: The Capital Advisory Linde & Partners wanted excellent service, fast response time, efficient infrastructure and high security. Combined with the fact that they did not want anything to do with the operation of their IT security.

The solution, which is established at Linde & Partners A/S, works perfectly without any kind of interference on their part. Everything is handled at Lytzen IT. It is only in very problematic situations that there is a warning not to click further. Umbrella and Amp run constantly and secure capital advisory Linde & Partners.


The Capital Advisory Wanted Security As A Service

“Lytzen IT manages our IT security completely, and we have complete confidence in them. We do not feel that we have them as a supplier, and that is how it should be, ”points out Claus Linde.

“The entire idea behind our solution for Linde & Partners A/S was to provide an automated solution. This solutions can deliver more profit and time to them in everyday life by removing focus from their IT,” points out Malthe Wulff Rasmussen.

All Claus Linde experiences is that a safety report pops up so they can see what they have, what it does, and what it can do.

“This means that if the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority visits, we can present a report that shows that we are in control of IT security,” Claus Linde explains and continues:


Cyber Security References
capital advisory Linde & partners A/S

“It is a somewhat diffuse area because we are advisers. We must be able to keep customer information secret, and we have Lytzen IT for that. They then make a report for us, in which they describe how they manage it in their system.

Great Experience And Peace of Mind at the Capital Advisory Linde & Partners A/S

”Lytzen IT’s experience from the financial area comes into play and has helped to give Linde & Partners peace of mind. Lytzen IT has taken on the role of adviser. They looked at how our security was set-up, what the plans for the future were, and what requirements there are for IT security from both the EU GDPR regulation and the national requirements from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

“Lytzen IT is well versed in handling financial companies and has control of IT security. We are very confident at Lytzen IT, ”says Claus Linde. He feels completely confident that the Cisco solution from Lytzen IT will prevent them from being exposed to hacker attacks or other malicious incidents in the future.

“AMP and Umbrella have the best DNS and endpoint security on the market today as it is rooted in Talos. Information and data are the key! Because the solution is constantly fed with information from Talos, we can ensure that Linde & Partners is always up to date and has a secure IT environment that they can safely bring their customers into, ”explains Malthe Wulff Rasmussen.

”Lytzen IT made the move a great experience, and our customers did not notice the fact that we were running on a temporary connection,” points out Claus Linde.

Sikkerhed capital advisory Linde & Partners
capital advisory Linde & Partners  References

Special Circumstances at The Capital Advisory

The challenge was a little different, because Linde & Partners A/S was in the middle of having to move offices. Thus, the implementation had to be quick. At the same time, it had to be ensured that neither employees nor customers could feel the move.

Implementering af Cisco Umbrella, AMP og Talos

“There was no internet connection inside our new offices, when we moved in. Hence, Lytzen IT set up a temporary internet connection for us. They were quick to capture our situation and were very flexible.

They ensured that we were up and running from day one and we had a stable and secure connection until we got over to our new connection, ”says Claus Linde.

For Claus Linde and his partners and employees, it was very reassuring to have a knowledgeable supplier who could help in a situation where they had to move supplier, office and internet provider.

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