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by | Feb 21, 2022

Fibertex Group – From Skype for Business to Cisco Webex 

Fibertex Group wanted a new integrated video solution of high quality. That’s why they chose Cisco Webex.

Webex is built on the same software and strategy and thus provides the same experience, whether you are sitting on the largest Room Kit or a dx80. Thus, Fibertex Group has 20% fewer travel days, no maintenance and access to an always fully updated system.

Take a look and learn more.

Morten Petri Frandsen, Global IT Director for Fibertex Group explains.

Fibertex Group – How to optimize online meetings?

Fibertex was established as a subsidiary of the East Asian Company in Aalborg in 1968.

Fibertex Personal Care A/S is owned by Schouw & Co A/S, which also owns Fibertex Nonwovens A/S.

Fibertex Personal Care is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of nonwoven fabrics for the Personal Care industry, which supplies key components in i.a. baby diapers, sanitary napkins etc.

While Nonwovens focuses on sound attenuation, geomaterials for the automotive industry etc.


With Webex, they got one piece of software that matches any kind of meeting room

Cisco Webex: All-In-One Video Conference

Personal care

Fibertex Group – One-Button-To-Join

They had a desire to have a presence in relation to their customers and suppliers and not least to their own local locations.

Fibertex’s biggest challenge was that their system was not integrated and thus, it was often not possible to establish a connection to a location elsewhere if parts of the system were down. This meant that the meetings typically started with a delay and that they often needed technical help from local IT consultants or consultant’s from Denmark to get the meeting started.

At the same time, the quality was at times very questionable. What you meet with Cisco Webex is a high-quality meeting in full HD with one-button-to-join function, no matter what platform you are sitting at.

The unique thing about this solution is that Cisco has endpoints that match any type of meeting room.


Fibertex logo

“We have no maintenance on it, it is constantly being upgraded by Cisco – and we do not even notice it” Morten Petri Frandsen, Global IT Director

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