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Cisco offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive and advanced portfolios of products and solutions for safety. Their threat-centered and operational approach to security reduces complexity and ensures superior visibility, continuous control, and advanced threat protection throughout the network and across the attack continuum.

Lytzen IT security solutions help customers achieve better results and ensure that customers get the most out of their technological- and financial investments. We combine security technologies, intelligence and analytics with world-class experts in a way that only we can. Customers thus acquire knowledge and visibility to ensure effective security services through identification, isolation and cleaning.


Cisco Identity Service Engine


Cisco, in response to the increasing demand for BYOD, developed ISE which is an overall security policy management and control platform that automates and simplifies access control and security for wired, wireless and VPN connections. Its primary function is to provide safe access to the daily user and/or guest users to support BYOD devices, enforce business policies, prevent unauthorized network access and share data in a safe, quick and efficient manner. Read more here…

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance


Cisco has continued to develop better and more advanced firewalls to protect corporate networks of all sizes. Cisco’s ASA offers several services that ensure that the “trusted” users can access data – anytime, anywhere, using any device – but also protect these users from “untrusted” users. ASA offers voice and video security, SSL and IPSec VPN, intrusion prevention and content security. Read more here…

Cisco IronPort


IronPort is a complex e-mail, content and web-safe-care solution that can protect and secure your organization’s network, regardless of when, where, by whom, or for what it is used. In addition, IronPort is easy to implement because it is integrated into Lundbeck directly with the existing IT infrastructure and uses a “SenderBase technology” which is a central data-base that continuously collects spam and malware information from around the world. This technology thus classifies web pages and senders of risk. Read more here…


Cisco is the leading manufacturer of security solutions for corporate infrastructure

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