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Staten og Kommunernes Indkøbsservice A/S – we are proud to have become a SKI supplier. SKI is the entire public sector procurement service and knowledge center. This means that we have become part of the dynamic purchasing system, which is responsible for purchasing standard software, support and maintenance agreements as well as services related to the software, including implementation, installation, training and consulting. 

SKI 02.06

Standard Software 


Staten og Kommunernes Indkøbsservice A/S – SKI supplier.

On March 28, it will be possible for the public sector to buy software from small, medium and large suppliers. This will take place through a dynamic procurement system, rather than the traditional framework agreement. The purpose is to ensure greater competition and flexibility. In this system, the entire public sector can purchase standard software and similar services, such as education or counseling. Here it is also possible to redraw existing licenses and purchase new ones.

All suppliers upload a so-called SKI’s inspiration catalog, from which public customers have the opportunity to find inspiration about products, services and services. We can be found under the category of standard software, where we offer Cisco software products, including Umbrella, AMP, DUO, WebEX etc. as well as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft server products.

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SKI 02.22 IT Operating Capacity & Outsourcing


Together with Comm2IG, we are the supplier of the voluntary SKI agreement 02.22; IT Operating Capacity. This agreement allows us to provide platform services, server operations, end-user devices, infrastructure and network services etc. to the public sector via Comm2IG. The range in the agreement consists of the following elements:

Platform Services: including; application operation, server operation, managed public cloud, virtual desktop, mail, database and backup-as-a-service.

Infrastructure Services: including; server and virtualization-as-a-service and storage capabilities

End User Endpoints: including; end-user units as-a-service, managed end-user units (supplier’s or customer’s own equipment) and mobile device management.

Network Service: including; managed LAN, firewall, VPN and WIFI as-a-service, transition, level support and consulting assistance

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Staten og Kommunernes Indkøbsservice A/S (SKI) Public Tender

All SKI agreements cover IT, services and products. These SKI agreements help to streamline and professionalize public procurement. The main purpose of the public sector is to ensure good quality goods and services, on fair terms, at the best price.

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