We Are The Proud Sponsors of The Danish “Cykelnerven” – A World Without Sclerosis

The danish “Cykelnerven” – MS Challenge “The fact that Danish companies take great social responsibility by supporting research into multiple sclerosis is of great importance and makes a noticeable difference. Not only in how much money we as an association can support the research with, but it is also a big pat on the back to all Danes who have multiple sclerosis close to life. Whatever they themselves have the disease or are relatives of someone who has “; tells Mette Hjulmand Leonhard-Hjorth, who is head of the event department at the Scleroseforeningen.

The Danish “Cykelnerven” #1 Charity Event

The danish “Cykelnerven” is the Sclerosis Association #1 charity event, which raises money for research into multiple sclerosis.

Every year, 250 dedicated cycling enthusiasts battle their way to the tops of the iconic French mountains. It before they to raise money for research into multiple sclerosis. And not least, to create awareness around the disease.

Here, participants hit some of the most crucial and iconic Tour de France mountains. The same ones that the official Tour de France field also makes its way past. It is on these cool cyclists’ jerseys that our logo is represented, and we are proud of that.

The Danish "Cykelnerven"

The Danish “Cykelnerven” – Fundraising

MS BIKE 2020 was a huge experience and the success repeats itself again in 2021. If you are ready for a challenge, gather your cycling buddies, friends or colleagues in a team, and participate in the ultra cycling race MS BIKE 2021 +700 km at max 30 timer.

The race is sportingly one of the biggest challenges you as a cyclist can participate in on Danish soil. At the same time, it is possible for everyone to participate, regardless of their physical ability and sporting ambition. When we write that everyone can participate, we mean it. You decide for yourself how far you each want to drive, whether it is 20 km or the entire route of +700 km! The more people on the team, the greater the flexibility, one thing is for sure – everyone will be challenged to the maximum. How you choose to complete MS BIKE is entirely up to you.

Participation in MS BIKE is FREE – in return we hope you will spend a lot of good effort on fundraising for a world without multiple sclerosis. In comparison, an impressive DKK 3,800 per MS was collected for MS BIKE 2020. participant, which is thus also the participants’ collection goal for 2021.1.

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