WAN & Global WAN – Closed & Secure MPLS-Network

 Global WAN – Does your company have offices abroad? If yes – then an MPLS connection is ideal

Global WAN – Why is it so ingenious? The smart thing about using our closed MPLS network is that you get a secure and stable connection to move information and data. In addition, response times and a lightning-fast local internet connection is guaranteed. More so, it is much cheaper to connect your company to our connection, rather than investing in making your own MPLS.  

WAN & Global WAN

MPLS Network & Global POPs

Our own MPLS network is built according to Cisco Best Practice. Our Global WAN network has a closed connection between all our POPs, which are located around the world; Amsterdam, London, Singapore and others Our connection runs directly through our Cloud gates, which are located in Aalborg and Copenhagen. In addition, we use Cisco IPSEC VPN to make a secure connection from your company – to our nearest POP. 


Site-to-site IPSec VPN tunnels are used to allow secure and encrypted transmission of data, voice and video between your company and our nearest POP. This connection is typically established between two routers or two firewalls.  

WAN Server infrastructure

In a distributed infrastructure with local offices far away from the company’s data center, you can advantageously create a local VMWare server in Lytzen IT’s POP. This server becomes part of the company’s v-Center and is most often used for a local printer and/or WEB server. It is also possible to create a synchronized file drive, which is most often used for graphic work or CAD drives.

WAN Server Applications

The infrastructure of Lytzen IT’s POPs is based on Cisco Hyperflex Edge and VMWare. This set-up allows your business to rent a large portion of the Cisco server applications – As a Service. Examples include: ASA Firewall (ASAv), Cisco Router (CSR), Wireless Controller (vWLAN) and Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM)

Global WAN

Fewer costs & better investsments

Let go of investing in expensive servers, routers, switches, software, various firewalls, etc. – as well as maintenance. 

Global WAN

Secure & stable connection

Our MPLS is built exclusively around and with Cisco’s network and security solutions. It ensures high quality, stability and safety.

Global WAN

Scalable and dynamic

This MPLS connection ensures great performance and bandwidth utilization, as well as a reduced network load and not least a good end-user experience.

Global WAN

Don't waste your precious time

Our skilled consultants will keep an eye on it all for you. We monitor, fix, update and maintain the network 24/7.