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Do more with less: Cisco Meraki – Cloud, Manage, Wireless

Our # 1 priority is our customers – therefore we offer only the industry’s best solutions. Cisco Meraki data center architecture is the result of more than six years of continued research and development. It includes smart features, high availability and security for networks of any size. At the same time Cisco Meraki’s patented real-time communication protocols allow administrators to manage networks from the cloud, without sacrificing control and responsiveness.

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Endless possibilities: The only solution your company needs!

Cisco’s wireless networking combines the mobility of wireless network with the performance from the wired network

 Incredible Features

Optimize business-focused applications to employees, customers and visitors. Improve end-user experience on the wireless devices with industry-leading performance and advanced technology from Cisco

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

In most modern organizations, it is more the rule than the exception that employees in ascending degree bring their own mobile devices in the form of smartphones, tablets and computers in their workplace. This relatively new trend called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and represents a strategy that both allows the use of private devices at work, but also allows these devices to access the company confidential information, databases, networks, etc. Read more here…

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Cisco Clean Air

CleanAir is wireless interference monitoring technology, which consists of a special hardware built into Cisco Access Points. This technology automatically keeps track of the radio-interference and is able to identify its source. CleanAir solution is one of the industry’s most flexible, reliable and high-performance wireless network – a network that has the ability to automatically adapt to changes in its environment without the need for time- and resource-consuming human intervention. Read more here…

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Cisco Mobility Service and Management

Many companies want to use both Wi-Fi as a connection, but also as a solution to deliver innovative mobile services and improve business processes. This platform uses Wi-Fi to increase the visibility of the network, implement location based mobile services, and strengthen safety. This technology handles the challenges of sources of noise and interference, such as mobile and Blue-tooth devices, thus making wireless networks more efficient. Read more here…

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Today most enterprises use network switches to connect computers, devices, smartphones, tablets, printers and servers to a network. Through information sharing and resource allocation, your company can save money and increase employee productivity. Cisco switches deliver a powerful network performance and flexibility for networks of all sizes with no complexity, and no software installation or configuration. Read more here…

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Access Points

Cisco Wireless Access Points provide guarantees and reliable wireless connections to both indoor and out-door environments. These access points can be deployed in a distributed- or centralized network to a branch campus or large company. Whether you need an entry-level thread loose network for a small business or business-critical coverage across many places, the extensive product portfolio meet your requirements. Read more here…

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The router is the heart of your business network, allowing access to your employees’ devices (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.). Today most routers are wireless, which makes it possible for multiple users to be connected to the same router. Optimize service in your departments on a single platform, while you deliver optimal application experience across departments and WAN infrastructure. Read more here…

A more intelligent platform

  • Centralized administration

  • Standard security, authentication and encryption protocols

  • Secure Guest Access

  • Integration with Cisco Wireless Control System

  • Custom configuration for optimal performance

  • Comprehensive coverage

  • Administration from the cloud

  • Feature-rich, easy to use cloud architecture allows you to solve new problems and reduce operating costs

  • Automated RF optimization system

  • Roaming without losing connection

  • Great wireless connection

  • Quickly add new users

  • Manage your entire network from a single dashboard

  • Control, users, applications, and devices

  • No controller hardware or management software to install and maintain

  • Secure Network Access

  • Simplified WLAN deployment

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The Cisco Wireless: Industry-leading solutions

To meet the increasing demand for bandwidth, the network be designed with the ability to handle interactive multimedia for many simultaneous users. Cisco wireless solutions for network provides the industry’s highest performance, including most services and has the most scalable platform for communication!

Mobility changes everything!

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